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Pregnancy weight

March 23rd, 2010 by CanadianMomof3 1 comment »

Hi there,

When I was first married, I was pretty average sized and okay with how I looked and felt.

I subsequently had three children within 6 years. With each pregnancy, I gained 30-40 pounds, but only seemed to lose 20-25 of it. After my last daughter, I started going to the gym (which I hated), am for the amount of work I was doing, was not seeing much in the way of weight loss. My mother-in-law was a retail client at a Herbal Magic, and she told me that they had herbal supplements that would increase my energy and help kick start my metabolism. I went in, talked to one of the staff, and found out that they had a weight loss program (I didn’t realize that that was what they were!).

Anyway, I had a consult, and found that I was 50 pounds above my ideal weight. Yikes! Anyways I joined, and started seeing improvement right away. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard at first to give up my evening snacks, that were my reward for being such a good mom during the day. But when I would see my progress on the centre’s scale, I knew it was working for me. I still snuck a few treats in now and again, but for the most part, I was learning that I needed to eat more nutritional food throughout the day. I didn’t really stick with the gym part, because I figured I realized that I was losing weight just sticking to my basic program!

I really enjoyed my time at my centre. I enjoyed the staff, and never felt that they were patronizing to me when I made bad choices, or felt that they were trying to push me into taking supplements that I didn’t really need.

It has now been three years since I joined, and I am still at a happy healthy weight.

I know that there are lots of programs out there, and it’s worth looking at all that are available to you. Herbal Magic was the one that made most sense for my lifestyle as a busy Mom. It was not the cheapest program ( I have friends that did LA, and 1 friend that has been a lifetime member of WW – and still working on that first 20 pounds), but I am such a cute Mom now, that I have no regrets!

At least check it out to see for yourself.

Herbal Magic Works!

February 1st, 2010 by admin 21 comments »

Lets talk Herbal Magic and Complaints …

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately in regards to an upcoming “CBC Marketplace” expose on weightloss companies. Apparently the main focus of the program is Herbal Magic.

Now myself and my partner have both lost weight on the Herbal Magic program so I think we can offer some thoughts on this …

Does Herbal Magic work?

This is like asking “Does toothpaste prevent cavities” … yes it does … but “You” are still the key factor when it comes to weightloss. You have to work at the program and take advantage of the services and products offered to you. The most common point of failure when it comes to weight loss is your own inactions. Whether it be not eating properly, failing to follow your eating regimen or just not applying yourself. These can all contribute to your failure. The staff at Herbal Magic are and have always been there for both of us.

Is it Easy?

It can be and It is … the most difficult part is wrapping your head around new habits. It took me a while to get used to not shaking the salt on just about everything I eat, and remembering to drink my daily water intake. How often did I mess up? How many times did I fill my food journal out in the parking lot before walking in for one of my daily consultation sessions – having guessed at what I’d ate the past few days? Try to recollect what you ate for the past week … It’s not easy, without my journal I couldn’t tell you what I ate on Sunday night let alone what I had last Thursday for breakfast. These all contributed to my difficulties, but now that I’ve got myself in check I hardly find it a pain in the ass at all. So yes it is easy, just as with anything new … It does take some getting used to. But now I’ve got better habits and I’m taking better care of myself, I feel better, and my wife thinks I look better so we must have been doing something right!

Why do people complain about it?

Well I did some investigating into this … I polled my local Herbal Magic as to why people quit, complain, or demand refunds.

They stated that they have had very few complaints and that I could confirm this with head office. I didn’t feel the need to. They told me that the biggest reason for people quitting/complaining was that they weren’t losing the weight they expected to lose.

They told me that usually this was due to an inability on the clients part to not follow program, they wouldn’t eat properly and they’d think things like store bought sushi were legal, they’d forget that canned goods and prepared foods are not the best for them. They’d assume that sandwich they bought at the deli counter was good for them as it had lettuce and tomato … forgetting about the process cheese and the amount of carbs in that foccacia bread.

The end customer usually needed someone to blame other than themselves, how can we be the ones doing something wrong right?

I know the feeling, it took me about 6 weeks to get used to the program. I’d have many a “heated” discussion with my weightloss coach about what I had been eating. Sure sometimes I got disappointed with my results, but they were always able to pinpoint where I had gone wrong, and usually it opened my eyes.

The hardest thing for some people to do is take criticism, it’s even harder when it has to do with something as personal as your own self image.

The key components to successful weight loss according to the experts;

Proper Diet
Personal Coaching

Accountability is key … You have to be accountable to yourself, and it helps to be accountable to someone else.

Herbal Magic offers all of this and then some.

CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

December 21st, 2009 by admin 6 comments »

Conjugated Linoleic Acid … or CLA for short … I like to call it my belly fat fighter.

I’ve always been wary of hype … some products claim to shed the weight others claim to target specific areas and in reality they don’t do much more than a placebo. But then my Herbal Magic coach mentioned CLA to me. Now I had been hassling her about my midsection, it’s one of the few areas where I’m still having a tough time “shedding” inches.

At HM they claim;

“CLA decreases body fat percentage and increases lean body mass, independent of dietary fat levels. It reduces body fat inches especially around the abdominal area by increasing the metabolism of fat tissue”


This seems to be the actual truth, before starting myself on the product I did some research and this product apparently kicks “Belly Fat” in the ass.  I’ve noticed a definite difference in my abdominal tone, by no means am I a 5% body fat kind of guy, but it is nice to see something help me over that hurdle of shedding the “spare tire”

Have you tried a CLA supplement? What are your thoughts?

Formula S/E – Sports Energy

December 19th, 2009 by admin 1 comment »

Wow … another winner. My 60 year old mother swears by this one.

According to Herbal Magic:

“Formula S/E™ increases energy levels and inhibits the formation of fat. It provides a thermogenic effect and inhibits fat synthesis.”

This one is great for added energy. I take it only periodically when I’m feeling kind of “sluggish”.

Even my aged mother  in-law swears by it, she still toils away working in a busy cafeteria environment and between her and her co-workers this is the one product she goes with daily.

As far as “Energy Pills” go this one is tops in my books, I don’t get that jittery feeling, I don’t get crusty after it wears off and even my aged mother in law loves it.
I’ve tried caffeine pills, miscellaneous diet energy pills, even the horrid ECA (ephedrine caffeine aspirin) stack and this one blows them out of the water for overall feel good and no jitters.

Anything else I’ve tried has left me overly exhausted and my spouse tells me I’m a complete b*tch after having taken them. But with Herbal Magic’s Formula S/E I find I can take it time and time again without issue. It’s safe and effective.

Does it Work?

December 18th, 2009 by admin 14 comments »

Hello and welcome to a site about Herbal Magic Weightloss. We … well “I” started this blog to review Herbal Magic and it’s products. I’ve had friends and family that have been clients with them for some time and I thought I would review the products and the information presented as well as get the rest of the worlds views and opinions.

Enjoy …


Who am I and Why am I on Program?

December 9th, 2009 by admin No comments »

I’m a regular guy, and a bit of a geek. I started the Herbal Magic program back in 2008. It was my wifes Idea …

I was pushing 207 pounds on a regular basis.

I’m a tall guy and I thought I carried the weight well.  I called it my “Hockey Weight” … meaning I felt like I looked like a hockey player. What it really was was a diet that consisted alot of large canadian pizza’s from pizza hut and 2L bottles of pepsi.
I thought I felt good, but there was something wrong. I wasn’t the same guy that I was 5 – 10 years earlier.  I looked bloated and felt exhausted. I was told I had sleep apnoea and was borderline asthmatic.  Something had to change …

I had heard about Herbal Magic, I’d seen them at local trade shows and I drove past the local location on a regular basis. My wife started the program before I did, and you’ll see some of her thoughts on here at some point. She’s a bit of a keyboard neophyte.

Since I began this journey I’ve tried most of their products, I can safely say that it does work.

So my stats so far;

Starting Weight: 207lbs

Lowest Weight: 179lbs

Current Weight: 182lbs

Mood: Happy and Proud